Driving Tips And Advice For First Time Travellers To Australia

Are you visiting Australia for the first time? We welcome you and we wish you a wonderful time here!
We’ve put together a brief guide to help you enjoy your Australian adventure without incidents.

Look Right

In most countries, driving on the right side of the road is the law. If you come from one of these countries, you have to take time to adjust to driving on the other side of the road. You’ll also need to get used to driving a left-hand drive car. Most experienced drivers can adjust to the new rules with ease. Nonetheless, you should start by driving on smaller roads with less amounts of traffic. Once you feel at ease with the new way of driving, you can go ahead and hit the motorway. This is going to occur sooner than you’d think.

Have The Right Papers

Before flying to Australia, you should check the rules and regulations concerning owners of a foreign driving licence. These laws are different from one state to another. Some of them would ask you to apply for an international driver’s licence, while others would only require you to have your current licence and an English translation. If you want to rent a car with Thrifty, you should make sure you know the rules and comply with them. As a matter of fact, if you arrive unprepared, you may not be able to hire a car at all, so your trip is going to be compromised.

Hire The Right Car For The Type Of Road You’re Going To Drive On

Road conditions may vary a lot across Australia. Our Outback, the excellent freeways or the off-road tracks may call for different types of vehicles. If your travel plans are to go off the beaten track, you have to hire a 4WD or SUV, as they are the most suitable for this kind of terrain. If you’re only interested in freeways and urban driving, you may be happier with a compact or small car, as they are more comfortable and way more economic in terms of fuel consumption. In addition, you have to make sure your vehicle is big enough to accommodate your luggage and perhaps some souvenirs you may want to buy for your friends and family.

It’s always a great idea to research Australian laws, as well as the type of roads you’re going to be driving on before you come here. This can save you a lot of hassle, giving you the opportunity to enjoy your trip to the full.